Delete my number from your phone and
the best of luck with your life. Stop

-Text to Saoirse from Dolores' phone, December 7, 2009, following Saoirse's visit four days earlier


The "Simple Plan" was chosen as a doorway into this story for a few reasons; it marks the time that alarm bells began tolling, it introduces a number of the people we will see in other events described on this website, and many things seen here in isolation will be later recognised as a continuation of long established patterns played out before this and even, unfortunately, to the present time.

Notes and comments:
  • It must be noted first and strongly that nowhere in the “Simple Plan” narrative is Dolores seen as having any say about what she wants or what she chooses. Even in the attempt by her daughters to visit her, she was not asked "When would be a good time to see you, mom?" None of the three sisters ever spoke to her about it. Any decisions about this visit, had it been allowed, would have been made by Ethan. This scenario of control and isolation is seen over and over in cases of Elder Abuse and has been recognised as a major indicator.
    The notable exception here is when Dolores made plans with Saoirse for the Friday and Saturday.
  • A reading of “A Simple Plan” would certainly indicate a problem; one that we think most families would find a way to solve. Saoirse was very worried but fully believed this situation would be rectified. She sought and expected quick action from her family. After all, this was their mother. Notice the optimism in her letters:

  • “I also have eight other siblings who are encountering the same problem many of whom would be happy to back up my story...”
  • “My siblings have witnessed far more than I have and again would be happy to back me up...”

[Editor's note: Although requests were made many times, it was over four months later before the first of Dolores' other children would corroborate Saoirse's concerns about Dolores, and then in the most feeble way. It was presented in the form of "What else can Saoirse do?"]
  • Ethan's patterns include the use of proxies. We observe it here clearly in Ronan taking direction from him. At this time Ronan still had some resistance to Ethan, as will be seen. This would rapidly fade to the point that Ronan and Ethan were barred from the hospital after witnesses observed them physically hurting Dolores, defenceless in her bed.
    Sophie's relationship with Ethan is noted; she too acts at different points under Ethan's orders. Apart from Ronan, she has the most interaction with Ethan, and the least restricted access to Dolores.
[Editor's note: Ethan's proxies are by no means limited to family members.]


  • Ronan came over to Dolores' home for his dinner. How did Dolores' phones start magically working upon Ronan's arrival? In other areas of this site we will show the extent of Ethan's monitoring of Dolores' phone calls, but here we'll merely show the means by which these phones came alive when Ronan appeared during Saoirse's visit:

  In these interior images of Dolores' home, bear in mind that the house had long ago been “sanitised” by Ethan. He hired a skip (aka dumpster) the day before Dolores was admitted to the hospital. During the late evening to early morning hours Ethan filled it with various items, including Dolores' favourite chair, which he broke into pieces. Dolores' entranceway. From private collection, used by permission.It was only after this “sanitising” was completed to a certain degree that he called the Medical Response Unit that rushed Dolores to the hospital. At this point she was unresponsive.
[Editor's note: Indeed, Dolores had stopped breathing at one point. It is reasonable to conclude from other evidence that Ethan at this time considered and fully expected his mother to be effectively dead.
Also, through much work, the events during Dolores' last week in Rosslare have been discovered in surprising detail. We will visit them later.]
In the above image of Dolores' front entranceway, the door is to the far right. To the left of the coat stand is the sewing machine. Notice the wiring on the wall to the right of the coat stand. It consists of a standard Eircom landline socket below, with wires taped to the wall leading to an on/off switch. Note also the little box with the wire on the rear left corner of the sewing machine.
The phone switch. From private collection, used by permission. A simple switch, this turns off her landline. Anyone calling will just hear the call ring out.

Second on/off phone switch. From private collection, used by permission. Another layer of isolation; this is the switch on top of Dolores' sewing machine. The cordless phone and CallerID are also seen. Dolores did not have voicemail set up on either her landline or mobile. Ethan had control of Dolores' phone account, and there are many premium services added on to it. Ethan had the phone number changed before her hospitalisation (telling Eircom it needed to be changed because of "harassment") and then cut off service altogether. We'll leave much more phone related information to other pages on this site.

  • In his letter to the Bray Gardai, Ethan immediately brings up the “taxi issue”, and only mentions the doctor's visit later. This of course is in opposition to Saoirse's account, where Ethan used Dolores' appointment (with his physiotherapist at 8:30am) as the reason for his appearance in Rosslare and for the need to rush Dolores away. Saoirse makes no mention of anything to do with a taxi in any of her texts or letters, and in fact is adamant that no taxi of any sort was ever mentioned during that visit, with the exception of Ethan saying he wasn't a “taxi driver” as he forced Dolores into the front seat of his car.
    In his letter, Ethan refers to the doctor's appointment himself as an “alleged appointment.” Confirmation of this appointment to our knowledge has never been produced or found through many attempts. It is reasonable to think that a doctor's statement would be a more compelling buttress to Ethan's account than relying on a taxi booking for a ride that never occurred. Nonetheless, Ethan in fact relies on this taxi booking heavily.
    We have to conclude that no doctor's visit was scheduled at all, but rather invented as an excuse to take Dolores away from Saoirse. It being difficult to coerce a doctor to provide a false statement, we believe Ethan quickly invented a taxi booking, and having a relationship with this driver, was confident that he could get a document from him to confirm his statements of events.
    Sure enough, a little over a month after the event, Jan 05, 2010, the taxi driver wrote a letter which was given to the HSE, saying that he did indeed have a booking for Dolores on December 03, 2009. This is used in Ethan's demands to the HSE that they leave Dolores alone. Except...
  • The taxi driver never wrote this letter. In one of Ethan's oft-repeated patterns, he generates a letter for his own ends, and coerces, forces or forges a signature. We will visit this letter in depth elsewhere, but until then a sample comparison of four glyphs is presented; one set taken from a known example of Ethan's non-cursive writing, the other set from the “taxi driver's” letter: [Editor's note: The complete comparison and driver's statement are available at The Taxi Letter.] A comparison of the letter "o"- Ethan v. Taxi DriverA comparison of the letter "n"- Ethan v. Taxi DriverA comparison of the letter "a"- Ethan v. Taxi Driver
    Perhaps it is best to present a comparision of a whole word, instead of a fourth letter:A comparison of the word  "Maxwell"- Ethan v. Taxi Driver

As an example of Ethan's correspondence, this letter to the Gardai in Bray is one of his more mild ones. There are elements in this however that are common in other communications:
  • Threats of prosecution
  • An emphasis on his property, his privacy, and his rights
  • Threats of video or CCTV being used against various people
  • A directive towards the end of the communication for some sort of action for the recipient to take
  • Certain words and phrases recur in his communications, such as: inappropriate behaviour, badgering, bullying, authority, respect, demand, abusive, financial, documented, you may wish, report, etc. In this letter, a few of these words are used.
  • Spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes, incomplete sentences
  • An emphasis on Power of Attorney and financial issues

  • Ethan makes no mention in his letter of either leaving Dolores' house the first time, or a detour into the Dublin Mountains to see an associate. The approximate travel time from Dolores' house to Ethan's house is just under two hours. We see by Saoirse's text at 9:38pm that Ethan had already left, and she was with Ronan, having completed the ten minute walk to his house. Being generous, we can safely say that Ethan left Rosslare no later than 9:30pm, arriving three and a half hours later to his house where the Gardai were waiting.
    This elongated travel time might be explained by Ethan being very cautious about what he said were dangerous driving conditions. The weather records between the hours of 5:00pm and 1:30pm show scattered clouds and a temperature between 1°C and 3°C. or between 34°F and 36°F, lending at least some plausibility to the bad road scenario.
    Dolores reported that he went to see his friend in the Dublin Mountains, a person she had met once before. A trip from Rosslare - Dublin Mountains - Bray takes between 2 hours and 45 minutes to 3 hours.
    We believe Dolores.

  • We end “A Simple Plan” where it began: the text from Dolores' phone to Saoirse.

    “Delete my number from your phone and the best of luck with your life. Stop”

    This is another one of Ethan's tired patterns. Dolores did not text. She did not type. She did not use a computer. Statements from her children, friends and other family members all confirm this. Many texts came from Dolores' phone. They are not in her “voice.”
    Here's an example sent from Dolores' phone long before Saoirse's visit: “ is undecided whether your address and numbers will be given to the gardai at [location redacted] for a warning to be issued to you... All sms can be retrieved from the network. take care my son!”
    Years before that text, he used one of his associates' phones to text a former girlfriend, shortly after she left him. [Editor's note: We have knowledge of two relationships Ethan had, neither long-term. We know of no others and suspect that is the extent of his non-casual relationships with women.] The contents of this text are so vindictive, hateful and obscene that we choose not to display it here.

    As would be expected, Ethan's use of phones to send abusive, vulgar, and threatening texts is not limited to Dolores' phone, but includes his own and the phones of other family members and non-family individuals. His targets for these communiques are also quite broad. His use of Dolores' phone, of course, illustrates clearly that Ethan exercised control over it.

[ Editor's note: The narrative of Dolores' Last Year continues with The Silence of Friends.

As always, we seek and encourage anyone with knowledge of Dolores' life and/or the events presented here to contribute to this site. Memories, anecdotes, photos and documents are more than welcome. Clarification, correction and alternative views are encouraged and welcomed. Submissions ]


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