Dolores Maxwell

Ireland's National Police Service, An Garda Síochána, is now in the active process of deciding whether or not to launch an investigation into the death of Dolores Maxwell, as well as other activities that revolve around Ethan Maxwell. At this point in the process, we have reason to be cautiously optimistic that an investigation will in fact take place.

We urge anyone who has information about Dolores and/or her youngest son to aid the Gardai in their efforts. More eyewitness accounts of the abuse Dolores and her husband Cecil suffered from Ethan would add weight to the Gardai's decision. Anyone who has information about Ethan and his elderly uncle Patrick Maxwell, please do not remain silent.

This is not limited to the abuse of elderly people.

If you tried to phone or visit Dolores, please give an account of this to the Gardai. If you yourself had trouble with Ethan, whether through intimidation, threats, extortion attempts, lawsuits, notes, letters or texts you received, or anything else, please offer that information.

It doesn't matter if it was twenty–five years ago or this morning. Or how insignificant it might seem. Do you know the names of his associates? At this stage of the process, any information would be very helpful to the Gardai.

Garda Emblem Contact:

Sergeant John O'Carroll
Rosslare Strand Garda Station,
Rosslare Strand, Wexford

TEL: 053 913 2103
Quote reference: CMR1–8273/13

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to those who have already done so from far and near…

We also urge everyone who would like to see an investigation into the tragic death of Dolores Maxwell to contact the Gardai Commissioner and encourage the Gardai to do so:

Garda Emblem Contact:
Mr. Frank Walsh
Private Secretary to Commissioner
An Garda Siochána
Garda Headquarters
Phoenix Park
Tel: 01 66 62020/66 62022
Quote reference: CMR1–8273/13

Once again we give thanks to those who have already done so…

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