“Thirty seven” is the number of individuals that have corroborated the abuse Dolores and or Cecil suffered from their youngest son Ethan Maxwell to date.

Those who witnessed various aspects of this abuse include:

Many others have come forward with accounts of abuse by Dolores' youngest son towards themselves.

Two people take the extraordinary view that Dolores suffered no abuse.

One of those is HSE Elder Abuse Senior Case Worker Geoffrey Blair. Geoffrey took steps to have Ethan banned from Wexford Hospital after reports surfaced from three different people of Ethan physically and verbally abusing Dolores as she lay defenceless in her hospital bed. Yet ten months after her death, Geoffrey, on the official “Form 6” (which the HSE uses to track the outcomes of referrals to Elder Abuse) reported that Dolores' case was “Confirmed Non-Abuse.” This is very curious, given Geoffrey's earlier acknowledgements of the isolation, control and abuse that Dolores was suffering from her son.

The other person who denies any abuse took place is the perpetrator himself, Ethan Maxwell.

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