Named as a co-executor in Dolores' estate, along with solicitor Joe Bowe and her youngest son Onan Maxwell, Cunningham has never responded to emails, phone calls, been available during office visits, or returned messages from the beneficiaries–for three years running. His whereabouts are usually described as “in a meeting”, “left for the day”, “unavailable at the moment, would you like to leave a message?”, etc.

On Friday, 22 November 2013, one of the beneficiaries sent Cunningham an email. We are not sure if Cunningham responded to it. We doubt it, but it was accepted.

On Monday 25 November Saoirse sent an email to Beauchamps' partners and Cunningham. Cunningham's mailbox replied like this:

Email 1

Alarmed, Saoirse sent queries to all of Beauchamps' partners asking basically WTF? and how did this effect the administration of Dolores' estate. True to form, they never responded. Our own view is that they were unaware of the situation until informed by Saoirse, but we don't know. A few days later, there was more curiousness:

Email 1

It is indeed curious altogether. Cunningham has been a partner for Beauchamps since 1985. Their website is ambiguous about his status at Beauchamps, taking him off the list of partners, and putting him onto the list of consultants no later than 23 July 2013. His profiles variously describe him as a partner or consultant and head of the Family Law Unit at Beauchamps, except when someone else is.

It appears that Beauchamps itself is somewhat mystified regarding Cunningham's role now.

The only one to directly address Cunningham's role at Beauchamps has been Joe Bowe, who claimed on 13 December 2013 that:

As a valued and highly regarded Solicitor, Mr Cunningham retired as a Partner this year but continues to remain as a Consultant to the Partnership. His status within the firm does not affect his role as one of the Executors of your mother’s Will and he will so remain unless directed otherwise by the Court.

It sounds like a mess. If Cunningham is missing in action, it might partly explain Bowe's extreme reluctance to make application before the High Court to have Onan Maxwell removed as executor, as he has promised the beneficiaries he would do–over and over.

High Court: “And where is this other solicitor/executor, I have his name here somewhere…oh, yes! Mr W. John Cuningham? Where is he today?”

Beauchamps: “Um…”

[Editor's note: We are in receipt of information from Anonymous, who offers evidence that Cunningham is in a certain city, in a certain country, located on a certain, well, continent. The evidence this source provides is interesting, but not compelling, in our estimation. We make a note of it here, just in case…

Emails to Cunningham seem to be accepted at the time of publishing this page in early March 2014, although our Webmaster has informed us that Beauchamps has changed its email server behaviour at least twice in the last month, for unknown reasons. Our very capable Webmaster is continuing to dig.

Curious. ]