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December 2011

December 19, 2011  Update to the December 16 update, concerning yet another fraud committed by Ethan Maxwell: It has been confirmed. We'll publish details when appropriate. This fraud seems to be connected to a recent and ongoing attempt at yet another fraud, so we think it best not to publish at least until the attempted fraud is prevented. We will say we are very pleased with current developments.
December 16, 2011  [Editor's note: is in receipt of a very large (almost overwhelming) amount of information this week from multiple sources. This information is being processed and triaged now. Updates will have lower priority as members attend to this. However, as always, we welcome any additional information. Submissions]
December 16, 2011   Our gratitude to Anonymous for evidence of yet another multi-thousand Euro fraud committed by Ethan Maxwell. Confirmation pending, parties notified. Will be published when appropriate.
December 14, 2011 is in receipt of another substantial cache of documents obtained under Ireland's FOI Acts. The next update to this site will happen as soon as possible.
December 12, 2011   Is Ethan preparing to do a runner?
December 08, 2011   Part 6 of A Winter's Tale,Brass Signs Off
December 06, 2011  Minor update to Part 4 of A Winter's Tale,HSE Elder Abuse Investigation Continues, concerning Dolores' signature.
December 02, 2011   A Message from the members of

November 2011

November 30, 2011   Part 5 of A Winter's Tale, Damian Brass responds.
November 30, 2011   Follow–up to the November 18 Thank You: Dolores' Grave Update
November 30, 2011   Essay: Recollections By Your Graveside

November 20, 2011   Dolores' Grave
November 18, 2011   Thanks to the unknown visitor(s) who placed this on Dolores' grave.
November 15, 2011   Site searchbox added
November 11, 2011   Part 4 of A Winter's Tale, HSE Elder Abuse Investigation Continues
November 09, 2011   Update on the case of abuser John Trimble

October 2011

October 21, 2011   Essay:  Taken Care Of
October 21, 2011   Update to FAQ > Miscellaneous, Who is Mark Sinnott?
October 21, 2011   Part 3 of A Winter's Tale, Geoffrey Blair Returns
October 17, 2011   Addition to FAQ > Miscellaneous, Who is Mark Sinnott?
October 16, 2011   Minor update to FAQ > Miscellaneous, Did Dolores Write A Letter?
October 16, 2011   Addition to FAQ > Miscellaneous, Who is Adrian Maxwell?
October 07, 2011   Part 2 of A Winter's Tale, The Solicitor's Letter
October 04, 2011   A Winter's Tale series, detailing the events of January and February 2010 begins with the Introduction
October 04, 2011   Update and image added to A Christmas Story, Notes and Comments
Thanks to ghetto_guera29

September 2011

September 23, 2011   Minor update to The Silence of The Gardai
September 22, 2011   Updated About The Names Used Here, in anticipation of the publication of the next section of  Dolores' Last Year
September 22, 2011   Header link for Positive Ageing Week 2011, September 23-30
September 21, 2011   Addition to FAQ, Did Dolores Write A Letter?
September 21, 2011   Addition to FAQ, Cecil's Death Certificate
September 21, 2011   Addition to FAQ, Dolores' Will and Witnesses
September 20, 2011   A Christmas Story concludes with Notes and Comments
September 18, 2011   Saoirse's Letter to the Editor published in the Sunday Independent
[Editor's note:Saoirse's name was not published. This was an editorial decision, and not by request.]

September 17, 2011   The case of Donald Noseworthy, convicted of killing his mother.
September 16, 2011   Essay:  Recognition
September 13, 2011   Minor update to FAQ
September 13, 2011   Minor update to Dolores Calls Saoirse
September 08, 2011   Essay:  Poppies From Mom
September 07, 2011   Gearóid Fahy sentenced to life in prison for murdering his grandfather

August 2011

August 23, 2011   Part 5 of "A Christmas Story"  Dolores Calls Saoirse
August 15, 2011   Essay:  A State of Undress
August 15, 2011   Added link to ResourcesSpotlight on Elder Abuse

July 2011

July 22, 2011   The links to the story of Dolores' Last Year in chronological order
July 22, 2011   Part 4 of "A Christmas Story"  Sophie Sorts it Out
July 22, 2011   The Greenhouse
July 07, 2011   Open Letter to the Coroner's Office
July 07, 2011   Update to FAQ
July 05, 2011   Added content to HSE Elder Abuse Dec 2009

June 2011

June 30, 2011   Updated Dolores' wedding year on the Home Page
June 23, 2011   Update to FAQ
June 23, 2011   Part 3 of "A Christmas StoryDecember 27, 2009
June 17, 2011   Update to FAQ
June 17, 2011   Part 2 of "A Christmas Story:"Ethan's Christmas Message
June 15, 2011   To mark World Elder Abuse Awareness Day: My Mother's Voice
June 15, 2011   A Christmas Story introduction.
June 15, 2011   Improved navigation of left sidebar
June 14, 2011   Thanks to Anonymous for Cecil Maxwell's Self Portraits of his black eye from 2005. [Editor's note to Anonymous: Thanks very much for this information. We are indeed aware of the events of that year. We have extensive documentation regarding it, and are seeking more. We will visit it in depth, we promise you. For now we think it prudent to focus our limited resources on telling about Dolores' last year.]
June 14, 2011   Minor update to Contact and Submissions
Jun 13, 2011   Added link to News: UN Calls for Torture Probe in Ireland
Jun 9, 2011   Minor update to FAQ
June 8, 2011   Update added to Stuart Cummins, Ann Teresa Connolly, and Emelina Navale
June 8, 2011   The Silence of Friends- Notes and Comments Thanks to Anonymous for the rare photo of Ethan
Jun 4, 2011   I'm Not Convinced
Jun 4, 2011   HSE Elder Abuse December 2009
Jun 4, 2011   The Silence of Dolores' Children
Jun 4, 2011   Minor updates to FAQ

May 2011

May 30, 2011   Second minor update to FAQ
May 30, 2011   The Silence of The Priest Thanks to Stuart Williams, Foxrock Church photo
May 30, 2011   Minor updates to The Silence of The Gardai
May 30, 2011   Minor update to FAQ
May 30, 2011   The Silence of The Doctor
May 30, 2011   Night Watch
May 25, 2011   Minor update to FAQ
May 25, 2011   The Silence of The Gardai
May 25, 2011   The Silence of Friends
May 25, 2011   Minor updates to A Simple Plan Part 3 Thanks to Anonymous
May 23, 2011   Enhanced contact>Submissions
May 20, 2011   Published Dossier>Forgeries and Ruses>The Taxi Letter
May 19, 2011   Minor updates to FAQ
May 19, 2011   Minor update to Convictions in Ireland
May 17, 2011   A Simple Plan Part 3
May 17, 2011   Minor updates to the end of A Simple Plan Part 2
May 16, 2011   Minor updates to FAQ
May 13, 2011   Minor updates to FAQ
May 13, 2011   A Simple Plan Part 2
May 12, 2011   Recent Updates (this page)
May 11, 2011   A Simple Plan Part 1

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